About Us

Who’s behind “Loving the Layover”? Great question! We are two Californians who are determined to see the world and experience amazing hospitality along the way. Unlike some lucky bloggers who have been able to quit their day jobs to travel, we still hold normal 9-5’s. In our spare time, we find new adventures wherever we can. When we’re not traveling internationally, you’ll find us spending time outdoors, enjoying the beauty of Northern California.

To help you navigate, we have separated our blog into four main sections:

Travel Tips – This section compiles all of the travel do’s and don’ts we wish we would have known before packing our bags!

In 24 Hours – Here you will find itineraries and tips on how to visit specific locations in just one day or less.

Food and Wine– Lots of people are self proclaimed foodies, but we’re serious gastronomy geeks! We both hold degrees in hospitality management along with a few other certifications in wine and spirits. Our fascination with food and it’s respective relationship to culture is what got us traveling together in the first place.

A Small World– Last but not least, we have a section detailing our advice for traveling to the different Disney Resorts all over the world. Because who doesn’t need to let out their inner kid once in awhile?

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