9 Fun Things to Look For On Your Next Trip to Disneyland

With the Disney Parks set to reopen this summer, we are reminiscing on our favorite things about them!

Disneyland is full of fun secrets and hidden attractions. That’s one of the reasons it’s a destination for guests of all ages! We were lucky enough to spend our childhoods in the Disney Resorts and some of the below “secrets” are really just details our parents pointed out to us along the way. We have broken down our favorite hidden gems by land!

Main Street USA

Did you know that you can hear the citizens of Main Street carry on conversations in a few different places? The first is in the courtyard outside of the entrance to the lockers. Take a seat at the bistro tables and listen to the residents in the second story windows. Amongst other things, you will be able to hear someone taking a shower and a dentist drilling. Yikes!

The second place to hear them is on the traditional “party line” telephone located inside the “Market House” (aka Starbucks) which is located just to the right of the flower cart shown above . Pick up the receiver and give a listen for some Main Street gossip!


Disney is great at making sure you exit almost every attraction through a store, but did you know that “Buzz Light Year’s Store Command” contains artifacts from older Tomorrowland rides? Next time you exit Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters, take the walkway to the left and go through the store. Savvy park-goers will recognize old parts from the People Mover at the cashier station and notice that some of the shelves are made from the retired Rocket Jet attraction.


Fantasyland is full of hidden gems, but our favorite is the Evil Queen who keeps watch over the kingdom. You can see her peek out of the window located on the top of the entrance to Snow White’s Scary Adventure. This attraction is currently undergoing some major renovations and we are so excited to see how they bring new technology into this classic!

Mickeys Toontown

If you don’t have kids you may not spend a lot of time in Mickey’s Toontown, but Roger Rabbits Car-Toon Spin is based on our favorite movie, so we have spent a *bit* of time in this land. While you are waiting for your FastPass window, be sure to check out the fountain located in front of Mickey’s house. Around the fountain, there are various manhole covers marked with different instruments. Step on each instrument to hear Mickey direct the orchestra!


Did you know there is a ghost story behind Big Thunder Mountain? You can hear the tale if you ride Mark Twain’s Riverboat around the River’s of America!

The legend takes place during the gold rush in the fictional town of Tumbleweed. As the story goes, the mountain was the site of an Indian burial ground. Greedy miners took advantage of the sacred caverns and the more they mined, the more the spirits were angered. The mountain thundered in rage, pulled apart the tracks and ultimately flooded the town of Tumbleweed.

Pretty freaky right?The Imagineers based the attraction on the real legends of the Superstition Mountains which are located in Arizona. ⁣

Galaxy’s Edge

If you didn’t know, there is an awesome app called Play Disney. You can download it on your smartphone to play themed games while you wait in line. But did you know that once you enter Galaxy’s Edge, your app turns into a “Data Pad”? That’s right, the app has a hidden function you can unlock as soon as you enter Batuu! You can use it to hack electrical panels, translate inscriptions, scan cargo crates and best of all, tune into antenna transmissions. Be sure to look out for conversations between the Storm Troopers and you might get a good laugh…

Critter Country

Critter Country is the small but nostalgic land that starts at Splash Mountain. The land used to be home to The Country Bear Jamboree but that attraction was later replaced with The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Did you know you can still see some original Country Bear characters on one wall of the Winnie the Pooh ride? To best get a glimpse, sit in the front row of the “Hunny Comb” and look back as soon as you enter Pooh’s honey dream sequence.

New Orleans Square

New Orleans Square is best enjoyed at a slow pace, just like the real, Big Easy. We love this land and it has a special place in our hearts because Matthew and I shared a bowl of gumbo here on our fist date. It is also the site of my favorite attraction, The Haunted Mansion. Did you know that the large organ featured in the attraction is the same one played by Captain Nemo in Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea feature film?

BONUS: Did you know The Haunted Mansion is custom decorated between Halloween and the New Year? Unlike its counterpart in Disney World, Disneyland’s version is reimagined as inspired by Tim Burton’s, “Nightmare Before Christmas”. If you visit during this season, be sure to look out for the real gingerbread house showcased in the ballroom scene each year. The baked art piece always smells delicious!


Last but not least, look out for some hidden gems in Adventureland! Did you know we love this land so much, we based our entire wedding theme on it?

This land is our favorite because it captures your sense of adventure and your sense of humor. If you thought that the punny jokes ended with Jungle Cruise skippers, boy you are in DeNile! Look out for witty signs throughout the storefront’s and restaurants in Adventureland. Our favorite sign reads “We Buy And Sell the Rare and Exotic! – at our other store”.

Additionally, did you know that the theming in Adventureland carries through to Disney Parks all over the world? If not, do a quick google search of the Society of Adventures and Explorers (S.E.A,) and sea what you can find!

If that search whets your appetite for adventure, don’t forget to check out Trad’r Sams located in the Disneyland Hotel. This special bar was created for explores and as the story goes, is the favorite watering hole of Jungle Cruise skippers.


Our favorite hidden bonus is the ground in each land! We are always awed by the small details of Disneyland and the flooring is no exception. Next time you are in the parks, take a look at the walkway beneath you. You’ll find that Frontierland is full of muddy carriage tracks and horse shoes. Meanwhile, Galaxy’s Edge is marked by droid tracks and alien footprints. We love how these special walkways subconsciously add to the experience and “cement” the story telling of each area.

So tell us, what is your favorite “hidden” gem in Disneyland Park? Have you found anything not listed above? Let us know in the comments!

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