5 Awesome Books About Global Cuisines

In an increasingly homogeneous world, a variety of cuisines are available almost everywhere you go. But just because you have the option of eating the same thing everywhere, doesn’t mean you should.

No matter how cliché it feels, we always recommend a “when in Rome” attitude. We’ve found that by seeking out authentic, traditional foods, we can better establish our sense of place and connect with the city we are in. Even if you only have 24-hours in a place, you are more likely to absorb the experience when you utilize all your senses.

In order to really embrace a city’s culinary offerings, you should do your research before visiting. The 5 books listed below are our favorite resources and stories about food around the world. Whether you are looking to expand your culinary knowledge or just learn more about global cuisine, these books are worth checking out! (Library pun intended!)

Where Chefs Eat

Where Chefs Eat is the ultimate restaurant field guide. Although we love TripAdvisor, crowd sourced sites can be full of misleading information. On top of that, places that cater specifically to tourists usually have the highest ratings, but they are rarely authentic.

Instead of using online-only platforms, look up restaurants ahead of time using this guide. Formatted like an old fashion phone book, Where Chefs Eat gives you unique recommendations. From 5-star to dive bar, this book will point you to some delicious destinations. We never leave home without consulting it!

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The Wine Bible

If you want to learn more about wine, but don’t know where to start, this book is perfect for you! Even if you don’t plan to become a serious sommelier, this reference guide contains useful information about wine from all over the world.

You can get a glass of Cabernet on almost every continent. So why not venture past your comfort zone and drink some interesting varietals native to the place you are visiting? The Wine Bible will expand your knowledge and help you to feel more comfortable ordering from wine lists across the globe.

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The Food Explorer

If you ever wondered how certain ingredients came to be used all over the world, you will love The Food Explorer. This biography of David Fairchild gives you a glimpse into the fascinating history of the USDA and global seed trade.

This book will make you want to travel your way from farmers market to bazaars, comparing the produce along the way.

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The World on A Plate

Part history book, part cook book, The World on A Plate recounts the stories behind famous dishes from around the globe. Read this book cover to cover, or consult its various sections before you take a trip in order to learn more about the food you might encounter. Either way, this book will make you hungry for adventure.

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On The Noodle Road

On The Noodle Road will introduce you to universal cooking methods and show you how small the world actually is.

This fun read takes you on a culinary journey across the Silk Road exploring the history behind the worlds yummiest carb. And just in case you find yourself *kneading* a hearty bowl of pasta, recipes for handmade noodles are included!

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Need any other book recommendations? Comment below & we are happy to share!


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