An Afternoon in Oslo

We just returned from our latest trip around the globe and are exited to share our adventures with you! But of course, it wouldn’t be Loving the Layover unless we made the most of our stopover. For this trip, we flew from Oakland to Budapest, with a 5 hour layover in Oslo.

Our original plan was to enjoy a traditional Norwegian lunch on the waterfront, but afternoon rain thwarted those plans. Despite the weather, we were still eager to escape the airport. We purchased “FlyToGet” tickets which took us from OSL into the city’s center. Like most airport express trains, tickets were quite expensive (about 40 Euro roundtrip), but we were pleased with the 19 minute travel time from Gardermoen into Oslo Central Station.

The first thing we saw upon arriving into Oslo was the Opera House – a beautiful contemporary building which is home to the Norwegian Opera and Ballet. Of course, we didn’t have time for a show, but we enjoyed viewing the exterior. If you are lucky enough to have more time in the city, you can purchase tickets here and let us know how it was.

In less than 20 minutes of walking through the city, we arrived at the Nobel Peace Center.  This museum was the perfect place to spend a rainy afternoon. They even had a small, complimentary storage area for our luggage. Admission was less than $15 each and tickets included access to both the temporary and permanent exhibits.

It took us about two hours to browse the museum. During our visit, the center featured two temporary exhibits; “Generation Wealth”, a photo based exhibition on the worlds addiction to affluence, and “Ban the Bomb”, a tribute to this years Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, ICAN, who is working to ban nuclear weapons. The highlight of the museum, however, was the centers permanent exhibit. This interactive display showcases 127 Peace Prize Laureates in what is referred to as The Nobel Field. A thousand small lights surround screens which automatically activate as you walk past them. The technology of the exhibit, combined with the intimate design of the room is awe-inspiring. It certainly sparked thoughts and discussion about social activism and the vision of Alfred Nobel.

Following our visit, we stopped by the museums gift shop and cafe. We were able to purchase some souvenirs and fuel up on coffee before our next flight, making the Nobel Peace Center an ideal layover destination. We are eager to return to Norway and see more of the beautiful country, but in the meantime, we were pleased to learn more about one of Scandinavia’s most interesting contributions to peace.

Norway Pin

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